Common Animal-Related Accidents and Attacks: What You Need to Know

Animal attacks: Know your rights and safety

Have you ever been walking your dog, only to encounter an unleashed and grumpy canine barreling down on you? Or perhaps been out on a beautiful country hike when a herd of cows turned on you? Animal encounters can be unpredictable, and unfortunately, sometimes they can lead to accidents and injuries.

If you find yourself in that situation, it’s good to know that the UK offers ways to seek compensation for your suffering. Let’s explore this topic, starting with what to do immediately following an incident right through to the process of making a claim.

What to Do Immediately After an Animal Attack or Accident

The moments after an animal-related mishap are crucial. Here’s what you need to prioritize:

Seek medical attention: 

This is the most important step, even for seemingly minor injuries. Some animal bites, for example, can become infected.

Report the incident: 

If it involves a dog or dangerous animal, notify the police. For livestock like cows on a public footpath, contacting the local authority or landowner is ideal.

Gather evidence: 

Take photos of any injuries, the scene of the accident, and get witness details if possible. Record the details of the animal’s owner, or details about the animal itself if it’s stray or wild.

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Common Animal-Related Injuries in the UK

You might be surprised at the variety of ways you could find yourself in a dangerous situation with an animal:

Dog bites: 

Sadly, dog bites are one of the leading causes of animal-related injuries in the UK. These can occur when dogs are not properly trained, feel threatened, or due to irresponsible ownership.

Livestock accidents: 

Cows, horses, and other farm animals can be unpredictable, especially if they feel protective of their young. Accidents caused by livestock trampling or kicking can result in serious injuries.

Road traffic accidents: 

Wildlife like deer or even stray pets crossing roads can lead to swerving, collisions, and injuries caused by these sudden incidents.

Petting zoo incidents: 

Even in controlled environments, petting zoos can carry risks, particularly where young children interact with excitable animals.

Horse-riding accidents: 

Whether you’re an experienced equestrian or a novice enjoying a trek, horse-related accidents can and do happen.

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Animal Attack Compensation: Understanding Your Legal Rights in the UK

Let’s get into the legal side of your options after an animal-related accident in the UK:

The Animals Act of 1971:

This is the principal law governing liability for injuries caused by animals. It imposes strict liability on the owner or keeper of an animal known to be dangerous. Even if the animal didn’t normally act this way, the owner may be responsible for your injuries.

Occupiers Liability Act of 1957: 

This law places a duty of care on landowners or those in control of a property. This means they have a responsibility to ensure visitors are reasonably safe from dangers, including those from animals on their land.

Making a Personal Injury Claim with National Claims

At National Claims, we understand that animal-related accidents can be particularly stressful, and even more so in densely populated areas. They often occur unexpectedly, and the circumstances can be complex. We specialize in helping victims of any type of animal-related incident navigate the claims process, securing the compensation they deserve.

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While some animal encounters are entirely unpredictable, knowing your rights in the event of an accident or attack can be empowering. If you are an animal owner, taking responsibility for controlling your pet and ensuring they’re well trained is paramount.

For everyone’s safety, let’s all be mindful of the potential risks when interacting with animals, and act in ways that minimize incidents in the future.

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