Road Traffic Accident Claims

You may be eligible for compensation if you’ve been injured in a Road Traffic Accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian.

What is a Road Traffic Accident?

You might think a road traffic accident is an incident that only involves two or more drivers. While they do form a portion of accidents on the road, we’re also able to help you claim for an accident and get compensation if you’re a cyclist, pedestrian or even a passenger on public transport.

Am I eligible to make a claim?

You may be eligible to file a claim if your accident was caused by circumstances beyond your control. Even if you were partly to blame, you may be able to make a road traffic accident compensation claim.
Some accidents on the road can be caused by:
You may be able to make a claim if:

How much is my Road Traffic Accident claim worth?

Every accident is different. You may suffer completely different injuries to someone else who was involved in a similar crash. That means it’s difficult to say exactly what you might be entitled to without an initial chat.
The amount you’re awarded in compensation will be based on your accident, how severe your injury is, how long your recovery is expected to take and the impact your injury is expected to have on your life.
Compensation is awarded for the pain and suffering you’ve been through, as well as financial impacts on you. This includes losing out on wages if you can’t work after your accident, spending on medical treatment, travel costs, repairing or replacing damaged property and other expenses relating to your accident.

Who will pay my accident compensation?

Who you can hold accountable for your accident is determined by the circumstances surrounding what happened to you. Most of the time, the party at fault for your accident will pay your compensation.
Another driver
A collision between two or more vehicles is the most common cause of a road traffic accident. If this happens, you will submit a claim against the motorist who caused the accident. If your claim is successful, their insurer will pay you your compensation. This means you won’t be submitting a claim directly against the other driver.
Uninsured driver
You may believe that because you were injured by an uninsured driver, you are unable to file a claim because insurers usually pay compensation. However, you may still be able to file a claim because the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) covers such accidents.
Unknown driver
If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident and were unable to obtain the information of the person responsible, you may be concerned that you will be unable to file a claim. However, the MIB compensates for these accidents as well. That means you could still file a claim if you were hit by an unknown driver.
Road conditions
You may be able to bring a claim against the organisation responsible for the road if your accident was caused by badly maintained roads, such as those with potholes or dangerous surfaces. The local authority or a body like Highways England or Transport Scotland could be the source of this information. They’ll be the ones responsible your compensation.

Common causes of road traffic accidents

Most traffic accidents are caused by people’s actions. Driver error or reaction is responsible for the highest number of road traffic accidents.
Among some of the most common contributing factors to road accidents are:

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