Housing Disrepair Claims

If your landlord has neglected to make necessary repairs to your home, we can help you claim compensation.


What is Housing Disrepair?

If a property is in disrepair, it means that it needs repairing before it can be considered safe and fit to live in. This usually applies to rented homes and other types of rented accommodation.
If you rent your home and it is in disrepair, you have the right to claim compensation for any difficulty, discomfort, or suffering you have experienced.

Some examples of housing disrepair:

How much can I claim from my landlord?

Every housing disrepair claim varies in severity, so we cannot determine exactly how much you may be entitled until you contact our specialists. However, we can detail what damages you can seek.

These are some examples:

What evidence will I need to claim?

In order to file a successful claim you will need to have some evidence. This includes:

Evidence required to support your claim:

All of this evidence goes into building your housing disrepair claim and will significantly help your claim.

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