Maintenance Makeover: How to Improve Safety on UK Roads

UK road safety at risk! Explore solutions for a maintenance makeover.

Road maintenance in the UK has been the subject of heated debate, with everyone from regular motorists to professional drivers concerned about the deteriorating condition of our roads. Potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces, and fading markings – we’ve all seen them! But for workers who depend on the road network for their jobs, these issues are more than just an inconvenience. They pose genuine safety risks and can lead to costly delays and vehicle damage.

In this article, we’ll delve into the poor state of road maintenance in the UK, examine why funding is failing, and we also highlight how you can make a road traffic accident claim with national claims. Let’s get started!

The Dire State of UK Roads

A recent assessment of the UK’s local road network has revealed a significant need for investment in maintenance and repairs. This widespread issue, characterised by potholes, inadequate repairs, and poorly maintained drainage systems, poses a growing safety concern for all road users.

The substantial financial resources required to address this challenge are often not readily available to local authorities responsible for road maintenance. Furthermore, the problem extends beyond potholes, encompassing a broader spectrum of infrastructure deficiencies. These combined factors create a situation where navigating the UK’s local roads can be increasingly precarious, particularly for those who rely on them for their livelihoods, such as delivery drivers, taxi drivers, and tradespeople.

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The Toll on Workers and Businesses

Poor road maintenance has ripple effects beyond frustrated drivers. Here’s how it impacts workers and businesses alike:

Safety Risks: 

Potholes, uneven surfaces, and poorly maintained roads can cause accidents, leading to injuries or even fatalities for workers who spend significant time on the road.

Vehicle Damage: 

Commercial vehicles and company cars aren’t immune to the wrath of potholes. Damage to tires, suspension, and axles can lead to costly repairs and downtime for businesses.

Delays and Lost Productivity: 

Having to cautiously weave around potholes and other road hazards slows things down significantly. For delivery and transport businesses, this means missed deadlines, unhappy customers, and a direct hit to their bottom line.

Increased Insurance Costs: 

The greater the risks associated with operating vehicles on the roads, the higher insurance premiums will be – a burden many businesses struggle to manage amidst rising costs.

Why is the Problem Getting Worse?

The root of the road maintenance problem lies mainly in budget shortfalls. Here’s why things are spiraling downward:

  • Chronic Underfunding: Local councils responsible for most road maintenance often lack the funds to make comprehensive repairs. Years of underfunding have left them scrambling to keep up with basic pothole filling.
  • Rising Costs: The price of asphalt, labor, and other materials needed for road repairs has been steadily increasing, making it difficult for councils to stretch their tight budgets further.
  • Extreme Weather: Frequent rain, flooding, and harsh winters put a serious strain on the road network, accelerating the formation of potholes and other damage.

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The Outlook for Change

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom. The government has pledged to increase funding for road maintenance, but it’s a slow process, and there’s no guarantee that the money will reach the areas that need it most.

In the meantime, many businesses and workers are adopting strategies to mitigate the negative effects of poor road maintenance:

Defensive Driving Training:

Defensive driving courses can help workers navigate hazardous road conditions with greater skill and awareness, reducing the risk of accidents.

Enhanced Vehicle Maintenance: 

Regular vehicle checks and proactive maintenance help catch smaller problems before they escalate into costly repairs due to pothole damage.

Route Planning: 

Route-optimizing technology can help drivers steer clear of particularly problematic roads whenever possible.

Making a Road Traffic Accident Claim with National Claims

At National Claims, we understand that poorly maintained roads, especially in congested urban areas, greatly increase the risk of road traffic accidents. If you’ve been involved in an RTA as a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver – whether due to potholes, uneven surfaces, unclear road markings, or other hazards caused by inadequate maintenance – our team is here to help. We specialize in helping victims of these types of accidents navigate the claims process and secure the compensation they deserve.

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Let’s start with a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. We’ll listen to your experience, assess the circumstances of your accident, and determine whether the poor road conditions played a significant role. This will help us advise you on the strength of your potential claim.

No Win, No Fee **

National Claims believes that access to justice shouldn’t be limited by financial worry. That’s why we operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. You won’t pay any upfront legal fees. If your claim is successful, our fees will be based on a percentage of the compensation we secure for you. This ensures you can pursue your case without undue financial stress.


Road maintenance in the UK is a complex issue with no easy solutions. While increased funding is essential, it’s equally important for councils to prioritize preventative maintenance and adopt innovative methods to make repairs more durable and cost-effective.

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