Osteoarthritis Pain? Here’s What You Need to Know (Symptoms & Causes)

Osteoarthritis pain, stiffness limit movement. Often knees, hips, hands.

Osteoarthritis – it’s a word that might conjure up images of older folks struggling with stiff, aching joints. And while it’s true that osteoarthritis is more common as we age, it’s definitely not just an “old person’s disease.” Anyone can develop those pesky joint woes.

So, what exactly is osteoarthritis? Why does it happen? And how do you know if those creaks and twinges are something more serious? In this article, we’ll break it down in a way that’s easy to understand and help you figure out what might be behind that achy knee or stiff hip. we will also highlight how you can start a personal injury claim.

Osteoarthritis: It’s Not Just Wear and Tear

Let’s get one thing straight – osteoarthritis is a lot more complex than just the natural breakdown of joints over time. It’s a disease that affects the entire joint, including the cartilage, bone, ligaments, and even the muscles around it. While wear and tear does play a role, it’s not the sole culprit.

Think of your joints like a well-oiled machine. That shiny coating on the ends of your bones, called cartilage, acts as a super-smooth shock absorber every time you move. Osteoarthritis is like rust slowly eating away at that protective layer.

The Telltale Signs of Osteoarthritis

So, how do you know if it’s more than just the occasional creak after a workout? Here are some of the main symptoms of osteoarthritis to look out for:

  • Pain: Usually a deep, aching pain in affected joints that worsens with activity or after a long day on your feet.
  • Stiffness: This is especially noticeable in the morning or after being inactive for a while. You might feel like the Tin Man in need of an oil can!
  • Limited range of motion: It becomes harder to bend or straighten a joint fully because of the damage.
  • Swelling: You might notice a bit of extra fluid around the joint.
  • Creaking or grating sounds: That crunchy sound might feel as weird as it sounds.

Keep in mind that symptoms can vary depending on the joint affected and how severe the osteoarthritis is.

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What’s Causing the Trouble? Common Risk Factors

While researchers are still working out the exact reasons why osteoarthritis develops, certain factors increase your chances of encountering this joint-aching condition:

  • Age: The older you get, the more mileage those joints rack up, increasing the risk.
  • Gender: Women tend to develop osteoarthritis more often than men, though the reason isn’t completely clear.
  • Injuries: Did you tear a ligament in your knee years ago? Old joint injuries make osteoarthritis more likely down the road.
  • Obesity: Extra weight puts an increased strain on joints, especially your knees, hips, and spine.
  • Genetics: If osteoarthritis runs in your family, you might have inherited a higher risk.
  • Your Job: Work that involves repetitive stress on specific joints can increase your odds.

Beyond the Usual Suspects – Other Causes of Osteoarthritis

Sometimes, osteoarthritis can have more unusual causes, such as:

Other types of arthritis: 

Rheumatoid arthritis or gout can damage joints, making osteoarthritis more likely alongside them.

Joint deformities: 

Being born with misshapen joints or a cartilage defect can lead to osteoarthritis down the line.

Certain metabolic diseases:

Issues like excess iron in the blood (hemochromatosis) or diabetes can raise your risk.

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Getting a Diagnosis

Wondering if that stubborn knee pain is just part of getting older or if it could be osteoarthritis? Here’s how your doctor might get to the bottom of things:

  • Medical history: They’ll ask about your symptoms, lifestyle, and family history of joint problems.
  • Physical exam: The doctor will check your joints for swelling, tenderness, and any limits in your movement.
  • Imaging tests: X-rays, MRI, or ultrasounds can give a clear picture of the inside of your joints, revealing any cartilage loss, bone changes, or inflammation that’s characteristic of osteoarthritis.

Making a Personal Injury Claim with National Claims

At National Claims, we understand that osteoarthritis can significantly impact your quality of life, your ability to work, and your overall well-being. If your osteoarthritis has been caused or worsened by someone else’s negligence – whether through a workplace accident, a slip and fall incident, or another type of incident – our team is here to help. We specialize in helping victims of these situations navigate the claims process and secure the compensation they deserve to manage this chronic condition.

Free Consultation

Let’s start with a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. We’ll listen carefully to understand how your osteoarthritis developed, its impact on your life, and the potential for another party’s negligence to be a factor. This allows us to give you initial advice on whether you have grounds for a strong claim.

*No Win, No Fee

National Claims believes that access to justice shouldn’t be limited by financial worry. For this reason, we may be able to work on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. This means you won’t pay any upfront legal fees, and our fees will be a percentage of your successful compensation. It allows you to pursue your case without undue financial stress.


While some risk factors for osteoarthritis are out of your control, many are not. Taking steps to maintain a healthy weight, protecting your joints from injury, and staying active can make a real impact in reducing your chances of developing osteoarthritis, or keeping it from getting worse. Remember, every bit of healthy living you do today is an investment in your body for years to come.

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