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Understanding the importance of Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Learn more about the importance of the Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Tenant satisfaction is a crucial aspect of the rental property market in the United Kingdom. Landlords and property management companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of ensuring their tenants’ happiness and well-being. One effective way to gauge tenant satisfaction is through conducting tenant satisfaction surveys. In this article, we will explore what tenant satisfaction surveys are, their significance, how they are conducted in the UK, the rise in dissatisfaction in council repairs, making a housing disrepair claim, and conclude with the importance of tenant satisfaction measures.

What are Tenant Satisfaction Surveys?

Tenant satisfaction surveys are tools used to assess the overall satisfaction and experiences of tenants in rental properties. These surveys consist of a series of questions designed to gather feedback on various aspects of the tenancy, such as property condition, maintenance services, communication with the landlord or property management, and overall living experience. The data collected from these surveys provide valuable insights that can help landlords improve their services and enhance tenant satisfaction.

The Significance of Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Understanding tenant satisfaction is crucial for both landlords and tenants. Satisfied tenants are more likely to renew their leases, leading to increased tenant retention rates. By addressing tenant concerns and improving their living experience, landlords can create a positive reputation, attract new tenants, and maintain a high occupancy rate.

Additionally, tenant satisfaction surveys play a vital role in identifying areas of improvement for landlords and property management companies. By collecting feedback directly from tenants, landlords can gain valuable insights into their tenants’ needs and preferences. This information can guide them in making informed decisions regarding property maintenance, amenities, and overall tenant experience.

Tenant Satisfaction at an all-time low

In the most recent survey, it has been revealed that council repair services received a satisfaction rate of only 26%. This just highlights the poor service many people up and down the UK are experiencing. With real damp and mould issues taking hold in most council-run accommodation over the past winter, it is no surprise to see the low level of satisfaction shown from tenants towards these services. 

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Making a Housing Disrepair Claim

In addition to tenant satisfaction surveys, tenants in the UK also have the right to make housing disrepair claims if their rental property is not maintained to an acceptable standard. When faced with significant disrepair issues that affect their living conditions, tenants can seek legal remedies to ensure necessary repairs are carried out. 

Note: You can only make a claim if you are currently living in social housing.

Making a housing disrepair claim involves the following steps:


The tenant should gather evidence of the disrepair, such as photographs, videos, or written descriptions. It is important to document the specific issues and their impact on the living conditions.

Notice to Landlord

The tenant should formally notify the landlord or property management company about the disrepair issues in writing. This notice should outline the problems, request repairs, and set a reasonable deadline for the landlord to respond and take action.

Landlord’s Response

The landlord is expected to respond promptly to the notice and arrange for necessary repairs. If the landlord fails to respond or does not address the issues within a reasonable timeframe, the tenant can proceed with a housing disrepair claim. The landlord needs to adhere to the legal disrepair process to ensure that the tenant has the disrepair fixed in a timely manner.

Seeking Legal Guidance

It is advisable for tenants to seek legal guidance from us at National Claims, where we specialise in housing disrepair cases. We can provide guidance on the specific steps to take and the strength of the claim.


Tenant satisfaction surveys and the option to make housing disrepair claims are essential components of the rental property landscape in the UK. Tenant satisfaction surveys provide landlords with valuable insights into tenant needs and preferences, enabling them to enhance the overall rental experience. By following established standards such as the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM), landlords can identify areas for improvement and maintain high tenant retention rates.

Simultaneously, the ability to make housing disrepair claims ensures that tenants have legal recourse when faced with significant disrepair issues that affect their living conditions. The process involves documenting the issues, notifying the landlord, seeking legal guidance, and potentially engaging in mediation or legal proceedings.

By prioritizing tenant satisfaction and promptly addressing maintenance concerns, landlords can create a positive rental experience, foster tenant loyalty, and maintain a thriving rental property market in the UK. Ultimately, the harmonious relationship between landlords and tenants contributes to a healthy and vibrant rental market where both parties can benefit.

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